Badlands Equity

Welcome to Badlands Equity, where we seek to add value to promising companies in underserved markets. Discover our investment approach today!


We seek to build on existing great ideas

We are a team of investors who seek to add value to promising companies in underserved markets.

Our mission is to identify and invest in promising companies in order to help them achieve their full potential.

We focus on industries and markets that are often overlooked by traditional investors, giving us the opportunity to discover promising companies before they become widely known. Our team specializes in mature manufacturing buyouts and has expertise in a wide range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, energy, and consumer goods.

If you are an owner considering selling your company or a founder seeking growth capital, we invite you to learn more about Badlands Capital and our investment approach.

Our Approach

Badlands Capital seeks to grow companies in underserved markets by employing a proactive approach to deal-sourcing and leveraging the experience, record of accomplishment, and unparalleled relationships of the management team.

We add value by:

  • Leveraging connections and experience to maximize a company’s potential
  • Maintaining the culture and blueprint of a company
  • Prioritizing honesty and transparency in the diligence process

Our Strategy

Disciplined Strategy

Badlands Capital focuses on core target markets and smaller companies that do not have access to other private capital. We strive to find successful management teams with products and services already generating revenue. Minimizing FDA and other regulatory approvals in our investments eases the process.

Aligned Interests

We seek to develop a real relationship with the management group of a company. Factors such as investment time, level of leverage, and meaningful ownership are considered in each partnership we pursue.

Proactive Sourcing

Badlands’ reputation and prior success position the fund to be a preferred investor for founders and management teams. Our understanding of the middle market and earlier stage companies positions us well for investors.

Diverse Portfolio

Several industries are represented in our portfolio. Each of these companies signify various stages of maturity. Badlands has historically invested in Series A, Growth Equity, and Mature Buyouts.

Our Team

Badlands Capital incorporates decades of experience through a team of individuals whose mission is to provide you with significant growth opportunities.

We invite you to learn more about our team members.