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Active Investments


Enterprise-scale autonomous data collection for delivering precise inspection insights.

Edgewood Healthcare

Senior living and healthcare company.


Digital health company delivering a new community-based clinical trials concept powered by cutting-edge technology that provides patient recruitment, dispensing, counseling, and operational services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Property Meld

Property management company that increases efficiency in maintenance for tenants.


Provides the Life Sciences industry with the world’s leading technology for screening and analyzing proteins.

Rushford Manufacturing

Machining, design, and metal fab company that works with both local and international companies.

Previous Investments

Design Tanks

Leading manufacturer of fiberglass tanks.


Heavy machinery manufacturing.


Leading provider of energy-efficient technology and solutions.


Cloud-native federated search solution.


Nanopareil produces cutting-edge separation media composed of nanofibers. The product is manufactured from a randomly overlaid mat of electrospun nanofibers, which provide a unique separation and filtration medium capable of both size-based as well as adsorptive separation mechanisms.

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